Take it up a notch in 2015 and plan a trip to one of these 10 insane LGBT Parades!

LGBT Pride parades are a joyous celebration splashed in color, enthusiasm and overall fabulousness. Pride events are unlike any other festival  and have their own unique vibe. Whether you plan on taking a starring turn or participate as an ally, read on to find out what you need to start packing for today!



1) São Paulo LGBT Pride Parade

Where : Sao Paulo, Brazil.

When : Mid-May 2015 onward.

Festival Highlight : The most striking feature of the parade are the 25 or so themed floats, called “Trio elétricos”, that provide loud dance tunes and have immaculate dressers putting up quite the show. 

According to Guinness World Records, the Pride Parade at Sao Paulo is the BIGGEST in the world with an estimated 4.2 million attendees in 2014. Apart from the standard march with participants in elaborately detailed outfits and jewelry, there are a plethora of events including debates on gay related themes, cultural fairs, concerts and secondary festivals throughout the months of May and June.

Sao Paulo

(SOURCE : theguardian.com)



2) Orgullo LGBT

Where : Madrid, Spain.

When : 1st – 5th July 2015.

Festival Highlight : ‘Stiletto Race’ where men wear high-heeled shoes and compete with each other to reach the finish line first at Calle Pelayo in Chueca.

By far the largest gay parade in Spain and with around two million people taking to the streets, ‘Orgullo LGBT’  is one of the biggest pride events in the world. The event will be held from the first of July until the fifth in 2015. The first three days include numerous live-concerts and  a pool party at El Lago. The main Parade will take place on July 4th and will feature more than a fair share of scantily clad buff bodies and participants in over-the-top costumes. Need we say more?




 3) Tel Aviv Pride Week 2015

Where : Tel Aviv, Israel.

When : 7th – 14th June 2015.

Festival Highlight : The Tel Aviv Pride Week 2015  March ends at Gordon Beach where the partying continues in full swing.

The Tel Aviv Pride parade packs a punch with the vibrancy of the participants and the lavishness of the place  and thus stands as a noble competitor to cities like Berlin or New York. Apart from being in one of the indisputably coolest cities in the Middle East, the parade ends at the famous Gordon Beach. Here the Parade takes on a uniquely insane sun-kissed vibe. Remember to bring along the skimpiest bikini you own and get ready to shake what your mama gave you.

Tel aviv

(SOURCE: telavivnet.com)



4) Pride Toronto’s Pride Week 2015.

Where : Toronto, Canada.

When : 19th – 28th June 2015.

Festival Highlight : The Pride Community Street Fair and Marketplace.

Toronto celebrates Gay Pride for 10 days in late June – the dates are June 19 through June 28, 2015. You know Toronto is the real deal since the World Pride was hosted here in 2014. As expected, the parade outdoes itself every year with increasing fanfare and glamour. The Pride Community Street Fair and Marketplace runs throughout Pride Weekend (June 26 to 28) which is a free showcase for hundreds of artists, retailers, community organizations, food vendors, and more. Assuredly, there will not be a single dull moment.




5) 46th Annual Chicago Pride Festival.

Where : Chicago, USA.

When : 20th – 21st June 2015.

Festival Highlight : The ‘Back Lot Bash’ which is the most attended Lesbian event in the Midwest.

Few cities have a greater variety of Pride-related gay events going on during the month of June than Chicago, whose Gay Pride Month includes sporting events, food tastings, parades, plays, musical performances, parties, queer youth gatherings, apart from ceremonies of all kinds. They have a special outdoor festival called ‘Back Lot Bash’ which is hands down the hottest, most rockin’ and most attended outdoor women’s festival taking place every Pride Weekend in Chicago. Each day showcases a different mix of music and entertainment for the entire community. Mark your calendar, gather your friends and plan the trip as the Chicago Pride is one amazing experience you’ll never forget!

Chicago - Back Lot bash

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6) Amsterdam Gay Pride 2015

Where : Amsterdam, Netherlands.

When : 25th July – 2nd August 2015.

Festival Highlight : The Amsterdam Canal Parade which is like the classic Pride parades held across the world, but instead of a street it is on the  Prinsengracht and Amstel rivers.


One of the world’s great capitals of gay culture, Amsterdam holds one of the most popular Gay Pride celebrations in Europe, drawing revelers from all over to participate in a week’s worth of parties and arts and cultural events, culminating with the famously colorful Amsterdam Canal Parade. (Yes, this parade floats!)Other events include the hilarious ‘Drag Queen Racing’ and ‘Forever Amsterdam’ which is considered as one of the most vibrant street parties in the world.




7) Heritage of Pride, Inc.

Where: New York City, USA.

When : 23rd – 28th June 2015.

Festival Highlight : The VIP Rooftop Party where artists like DJ Escape, DJ Audé and DJ Nacho Chapado will be playing.

It was in New York City that the first LGBT Pride march was held and from 1969 to 2014 the awesomeness has continued to increase in the granddaddy of all Pride destinations. Their event line-up which is pretty extensive includes a ‘Family Night’ where a movie suitable for all ages plays, the VIP Rooftop party (tickets for which get sold out faster than you can say ‘VIP Rooftop party’) and an exclusive event for women that includes music, dancing and fabulous costumes! The Pride March in New York is loud, exciting, historic and most of all accepting.  Just go already!

New York

(SOURCE : www.mrny.com)



8) Pride in London 2015.

Where: London, England.

When : 27th June 2015.

Festival Highlight : More than 200 groups and 30,000 people are expected to participate in the Parade this year.

London’s Pride March is one of the top 10 most attended Pride events in the world with more than 750,000 people attending. The theme for this year’s March is ‘Pride Heroes’ celebrating those people who’ve made a difference to the LGBT Community over the decades. Apart from the march which will be held on 27th June 2015, there are a lot of live events that happen around the days leading up to the March. We suggest you book your tickets and get those taste buds ready for Yorkshire Pudding.

London Pride Parade

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9) Boston Pride Week 2015

Where : Boston, Massachusetts.

When : 5th – 15th June 2015.

Festival Highlight : The Back Bay Block Party and the JP Block Party that will have some the most popular DJs as part of their line-up.

The capital of America’s first state to legalize same-sex marriage, Boston has long been one of the most politically progressive and socially liberal cities in the country, as evidenced by its highly visible LGBT community. The Boston Pride week is one of the most energetic and colourful LGBT events in USA. While the Pride week itself is only a small part of the event schedule. Other fun-filled activities in the previous weeks include The Pride Day at Faneuil Hall and The Boston Pride Youth Dance.


(SOURCE: betweenvlines.wordpress.com)



10) Mexico City Gay Pride.

Where : Mexico City, Mexico.

When : Early June 2015.

Festival Highlights : All night party on Zócalo Plaza with locals and other participants of the Mexico City Gay Pride with amazing music by upcoming local artists.

A quarter-century old and 10,000 strong, the Gay Pride Parade enlivens a Saturday in early June this year. The Rainbow Brigade (as the participants are fondly called) of the Mexico City Gay Pride marches down ‘Paseo de la Reforma’ to a rally and all-night party on Zócalo Plaza, the city’s largest square. Apart from all the wonderful people you’ll meet, think of all the cheap tequila you can drink.

Mexico City

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11) Queer Azaadi 2015.

Where : Mumbai, India.

When : 31st January 2015.

Festival Highlight : Inspite of Article 377* of the Indian Penal code, the Parade is held every year in Mumbai and its very existence has rebellion written all over it.

Despite the fact that there is a lot of  stigma attached to the community, they march ahead with pride on a day in January every year with insane amounts of enthusiasm and courage. The costumes are colourful, the participants enthusiastic and the overall atmosphere runs high with emotions of all kinds. Witnessing the parade is an enchanting experience and one that is bound to expand your perspective.


(SOURCE : indiatoday.intoday.in )

* Sec 377 of the Indian Penal code makes carnal intercourse, or any non-procreative sexual act between a man and a woman illegal, punishable with up to 10 years in jail and/or a fine. Basically, if you’re gay and having sex, you’re most likely violating Section 377!