We all wait for that time of the year when the sun goes down and the clouds come out, bringing forth the rains that take the summer heat away! It is a special feeling! That’s why you need a special playlist to get you through it! 

The summer is almost gone, with the dark clouds seeping in and the winds blowing against us, we know you just can’t wait for the first drops of rain to pour through and rid you of the summer blues. What better way to rejoice than to put on a playlist of some legendary numbers from the yesteryears, that bring back nostalgic moments of monsoons gone and memories cherished! Check them out:

1. Eurythmics – “Here Comes The Rain Again”

A timeless wonder, Eurythmics’ track about the rains and unrequited love with their own unique synthesised sound is a song for the nostalgic elements. A high monsoon recommendation!

2. Creedence Clearwater Revival – “Who’ll Stop The Rain”

While the song really is a metaphor in the aspect of rain meaning the Vietnam War, the powerful vocal rendition of the emotions behind the song just make it a perfect monsoon accompaniment! 

3. B.J. Thomas – “Raindrops Keep Fallin’ On My Head”

The song was created as a soundtrack for the film, “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid” and is really a wondrous and unique rain song because of its unconventional nature and its absolute polar nature compared to other songs about rain.

4. The Beatles – “Rain”

The Beatles’ “Rain” is less of an ode to the rains but more about telling the world that no matter what, the world remains the same- rain or not. Perhaps a song that adds a bit more perspective about rains, ought to make this an interesting playlist!

5. Prince – “Purple Rain”

A signature monsoon playlist track that our playlist just can’t do without! Talk about having it all; this song has the most soulful guitar intro, a bellowing barrage of choruses and in the end a soul-crushing guitar solo that just captures every emotion so perfectly! A true masterpiece!

6. Lou Christie- “Rhapsody In The Rain”

A more sensational addition to the list, “Rhapsody In The Rain” is on every lover’s make out list for sure! The song was banned in many countries due to its provocative nature, but really is a timeless piece to steam things up with your partner!

7. Carpenters- “Rainy Days And Mondays”

Rains are nostalgic, sometimes cheery, playful and even gloomy. Karen Carpenter‘s melancholic take on rainy days and mondays is about how both can be gloomy and brings her down. Nostalgia full on!

8. Eric Clapton- “Fall Like Rain”

“Fall Like Rain” is the single most recognised song off his Pilgrim music CD. Give in to the euphoric vibe, cause this here is a wonder!

9.  Elvis Presley – “Kentucky Rain”

One of Presley’s most notable numbers has to be “Kentucky Rain”! The song progresses through time with a man looking for a girl in the dense of the Kentucky rain.

10. Sting- “Shadows In The Rain”

A uniquely versatile song that can either get you foot-tapping or just rejoicing the flowing droplets of rain down a window. Sting‘s number is the perfect note to end this playlist on to keep your monsoon mood lingering on.