Most college students travel during their breaks. And they do the right thing. Working people do not often have the luxury of taking a couple of weeks off to vacation. When you are already working, you also rarely have a chance to spend a holiday with your friends. So seize your opportunities! Now is the perfect time of year to plan your adventures! Let’s have a closer look at fantastic student-friendly places.

Niagara Falls, New York

Take a trip to Niagara Falls, which sits on the state line between New York and Ontario, if you’re seeking breathtaking landscapes. Niagara Falls are in a league of its own in terms of sheer size, beauty, and notoriety. Without paying a cent, you may go up and stand on the brink of the falls, enjoying nature’s magnificence at close range. The Skylon Tower, Niagara Skywheel, and Clifton Hill are also on the list of attractions. Don’t plan to spend a fortune on a trip? Choose cheap motels in the Buffalo region.

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Many students experience pressure and tension at the mere prospect of writing their next college essay. It’s OK to worry sometimes. Everyone can be afraid of getting a bad grade. Take advantage of all current opportunities and put your health and rest first. After all, only healthy and well-rested students can reach academic heights.

New Orleans, Louisiana

Any season is good to go, and have a good time in New Orleans. There are significant historical and cultural aspects to the area and great nightlife. New Orleans has a distinct character that you won’t find in any other American city. It is a mix of cultures, noticeable in everything from music and food to language and city buildings. Anyone can find places of interest to his taste in this bright and diverse city.

We recommend visiting:

  • French Quarter;
  • Museum of Art, Mardi Gras;
  • National WWII Museum;
  • Preservation Hall;
  • St. Louis Cathedral.

If you want to feel the connection with nature, come to the City park, Crescent park, and The Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve. A few hostels around the French Quarter provide low prices for students. Make use of public transportation or just walk instead of driving and paying expensive parking fees.

Myrtle Beach

Do you want to relax after completing the most demanding research paper ever? Myrtle Beach might be just what the doctor ordered. Myrtle Beach, SC, a popular tourist destination, is often known as the “Resort City.” The primary attractions are amusement parks and lovely beaches. The Ripley’s Aquarium and the Broadway Grand Prix are two must-visits while you’re not relaxing near the water.

The town of Myrtle is ideal for college students. You don’t have to spend a bunch on entertainment. Rather than paying hotel rates, consider staying in a rental property instead. Many vouchers for sights, shopping, and more may be found on the tourist board. Fine dining establishments range widely, from national chains to family-run bistros.

Jacksonville, Florida

So, you performed all the tasks from your student contract for grades. Now you can have a break and gain energy for future educational challenges! Jacksonville in Florida might be one of the best choices for going on vacation not too far from home. There are many options for eco-adventures and outdoor activities here. Japanese tea garden, Natural Bridge Cavern, and Paradise Canyon are only a few places worth visiting.

Local crafts and commodities are available for purchase at the Riverside Arts Market every weekend. The Kingsley Plantation, another must-see destination, is open to the public. A wide variety of beaches, such as Amelia Island, Ponte Vedra, and Atlantic Beach, are available for free. There’s something for everyone to enjoy in Jacksonville. It is the most popular destination for college students looking for a break after grading college papers and a tiresome semester.


Camelback Mountain is a destination that draws tens of thousands of tourists each year. All the adventure seekers and those who get a rush from adrenaline can go hiking in Phoenix. You should know that hiking raises chances for academic success. South Mountain Park, Camelback Mountain, and Piestewa Peak are waiting for you!

Visit the renowned Heard Museum to find out what opportunities wait for you there. A one-day ticket for the newly constructed METRO Light Rail costs only a few dollars, allowing you to go anywhere within the Phoenix metropolitan area. There is a wide variety of quality accommodations available within your price range. You may also want to think about going camping. Reconnecting with nature might be your spell for good grades and new academic achievements.

Grand Canyon

Visit the Grand Canyon as a highlight of your journey. It’s a UNESCO world heritage site. The Grand Canyon draws millions of tourists each year as one of the world’s natural wonders. Visiting it will leave you with cherished memories for a long time. If you’re visiting or staying in Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon is a convenient day trip for a unique experience. The West Rim of the Grand Canyon offers many breathtaking vistas, sights, and restaurants.

You may ride a free shuttle bus around the South Rim from March to September. It’s a great chance to rest after following teacher comments for students’ writing, solving dozens of problems, and writing challenging essays. You deserve some rest! Save money by camping rather than staying at a hotel or a five-star establishment. Get your crew together and hit the road!


The USA offers many great locations for spending your summer holidays. Whether you like beaches, nightclubs, museums, camping or hiking, you can find a suitable place in the country. To plan the best adventure in your life, you only need some time and a desire to have fun. We hope our list helped you pick the des