Take a look at the gorgeous Symbiosis Gathering that happened at the Woodward Reservoir, California!

Symbiosis Gathering has everything you can ever dream of. A picturesque landscape, a huge pool of water, brilliant art pieces, well-curated music, performances and a dedicated kids area! Seriously, what more could you ask! The reason Symbiosis sees people every year is because of the community and family vibe that it so effortlessly radiates. The festival gives everyone an option to come together and spend some quality time in a meticulously planned venue!

Take a glimpse into the best pictures of what happened at the Symbiosis Gathering festival!

 The pool was a attraction for anyone who wanted to take a quick dip! 

The stage design was on point! 

The art installations were very reminiscent of Burning Man

The people were, once again, the essence of the festival! 

The venue became even more magical once night fell upon the reservoir! 

(Pictures Courtesy – Galen Oakes)

We have to say, there is something magical about the Symbiosis Gathering that just stands out from the run-of-the-mill festivals in the current circuit!