One of Australia’s most famous and celebrated percussionists, Ben Walsh, is about to premiere his new solo project ‘Remix Experiment’ in Delhi, India on October 8th! 

Ben Walsh is a name that is synonymous with introducing the live drum ‘n bass act called The Bird back in the 1990’s. Ben has toured India a number of times back in 2012 and 2013.  This time he makes his way to the capital city, New Delhi to premiere his new solo act titled ‘Remix Experiment’! 

The Remix Experiment is basically a multimedia amalgamation of sound and visuals combined with jazz-y basslines and supported with modern technology. The show involves Ben Walsh churning out live music and beats, which results in the show being unique in itself.

Ben uses turn tables, vocals and triggering to manipulate the electronics, keeping human dynamics and tempo as the primary focus. He is also going to implement his new device called the “Gravity Scratch” which lets him scratch as fast as he’s playing the drums. The use of video mixing to create a visual environment perfectly compliments the style and source of the music.

The end result of this one-man show is a heavily percussive, jazz infused, hyper jungle electronic music that’s crafted for the dance floor.

The gig is going to be held at Bandstand, Hauz Khas, New Delhi on the 8th of October! So don’t miss it!