Mix’d, described as ‘Techno Tinder’, is the ideal dating app for concert/festival goers.

We live in a world where online dating is no more an embarrassing secret, but a mainstream method of meeting new people. Meeting on Tinder is probably more likely than meeting someone at a bar with no help from the dating app. Especially for those who have an active night life and interest in live gigs around their city, meeting somebody at a music festival (whether for company or a hookup, or both) is growing more and more common with every passing day.


With the increasing popularity of Tinder, also come a multitude of wannabe apps, catering to every niche under the sun. Here thrives Mix’d, a dating app focused on meeting new people with similar taste in Dj’s and other artists. With so many colourful dating apps, we’re surprised that this one didn’t show up sooner.

Mix’d allows you to select your favourite artists on the app, which has a huge database thanks to using the API of Echo Nest, a “music intelligence company” that was bought by Spotify last year, and suggests users with similar music tastes.


But what’ most helpful when you’re at an event such as a music festival or concert is the ‘Concert Mode’ of the app, which allows you to search for people within your close vicinity, therefore allowing you to meet people at the same event as you. The app can also be synced with your Facebook account and will suggest users who are going to the same Facebook event.

These features sound pretty handy for a festival attendee. The creator of Mix’d plans to introduce the app at music festivals like EDC and TomorrowWorld soon. Stay tuned for more news.