Boom Festival in Portugal is one of the biggest psytrance havens for ardent fans of the genre! 

Held every two years on the top of a hill in Idanha-a-Nova, Portugal’s Boom Festival has been a go-to venue for psytrance lovers from all over the world. The festival is known for holding top-of-the-line musical acts, holistic workshops and art exhibits, all under one roof! It focuses on integrating a sustainability ethos with the help of arts and culture.

In their own words, they define the Boom Festival as a “state of mind“. It is inspired by the motto of Oneness, Creativity, Peace, Sustainability, Transcendence, Alternative Culture, Active Participation, Evolution and Love! The festival has also been known to be super environment friendly by barring the use of any chemical products whatsoever, reusing water, implementing solar and wind energy and recycling trash. Talk about respecting your surroundings.

With 5 stages dedicated to different types of music around the festival, the 2016 edition of Boom recently concluded in grand fashion and we have proof of the beauty that it was. Check it out below!

The scenic hilltop venue which was near perfect! 

The beautifully detailed stages!

The mind boggling art pieces! 

Finally, the people who make the Boom Festival what it is! 

Although The Boom Festival is a psytrance hub, it believes in its values and cultures and implements them wholeheartedly. The festival, through its messages of sustainability and eco-friendly methods of carrying out day to day actions, aims to make a change in society as well.

The people who attend come with the sole purpose of connecting with everyone on a higher level and with open minds. Apart from the music, everyone immerses themselves in the wide plethora of art and culture that comes together at the festival!

Photo Credits: Jessica Devnani