We just might have an answer to this mystery.

If you’re a Marvel fan you must have noticed that, except for a few exceptions, Marvel movies have never had soundtracks that will stick with you for a long time!

It’s very rare for a movie buff or even a Marvel fan to walk out of the theatre after watching a Marvel movie and humming the music from the movie. Why its rare, isn’t really a difficult puzzle to solve. The biggest franchises the world has seen has some of the most memorable and catchy music. Right from Star Wars, Harry Potter and James Bond among many more; these movies have been known for their unforgettable scores over the years.

But look at one of the biggest franchises, The Marvel Cinematic Universe, which has been producing and releasing some of the biggest super hero movies in the past 10 years like Iron Man, The Avengers, Thor and Captain America. These movies have rarely been known for their music over the years and there’s a reason for that!

The YouTube channel Every Frame A Painting discusses the reasons behind why Marvel has music which doesn’t stick with you for a long time. The video provides an insight into how music production for movies has changed over the past 20 years.

One of the major reasons for music being so unforgettable and lacklustre is because of the trend of borrowing music that has been going on since a few years. Usually big blockbuster movies pick up sample music from other films and tweak it some more to use in the film.

This trend is very harmful for a music producer or a composer because it greatly hinders their creative process. Because the studio has already picked up an existing track samples from another source, the composer has nothing new to create except to work with what he’s already been given!

This trend might be one of the biggest reasons why Marvel fails to capture minds and ears through their music.