Dia De Los Muertos isn’t exactly a celebration filled with glee and happiness, but it’s still extremely beautiful.

Dia De Los Muertos a.k.a. The Day Of The Dead is a festival celebrated by Mexicans and boasts of a rich Spanish cultural heritage. The festival is celebrated with the hopes of keeping the loved deceased ones alive in their memories. Between November 1st and 2nd, it is believed that the border between the spirit world and the physical world is at its weakest. To make the most of this timing, the living offer their prayers and rituals to the deceased family members.

Intricately detailed ‘ofrendas’ are constructed at home, in public and on grave sites, where people leave food, drinks, flowers, lights and incense sticks. The imagery at Dia De Los Muertos isn’t exactly cheerful. Given the fact that it’s a celebration of death, the visual imagery is explicitly macabre to say the least. The festival has had its fair share of referencing, even in pop culture. The latest example being the brilliant opening sequence in the latest James Bond film- ‘Spectre’.

This years festivities saw thousands of people flock to the streets to witness some of the most elaborate and traditional designs being put on display. Here are some of the best moments that were captured!

The inaugural ceremony! 

The dead take to the streets in grand fashion

Although it’s a festival celebrating the dead, that doesn’t mean you won’t see a lot of smiles and happy faces around! 

The music never stops at Dia De Los Muertos! 

One thing is quite visible and that’s the dedication and sincere effort people put into their costumes and outfits and the overall turn out of people to just watch the amazing processions! 

Once night falls, the streets empty out and a lull falls over the city with the lights still glowing bright.

Truly one of the most visually striking festivals! The cultures, the beliefs and the people are what makes Dia De Los Muertos truly special!  

(All images courtesy- Kristina Bakrevski)