DJ Snake just revealed in a non-subtle way that he’s one of the headliners at Coachella 2017! 

Coachella falls under the category of famed festivals that is constantly subjected to endless rumours, hype and speculations. Every year, people start scratching their heads as to who might be the big headliners at next years edition. So understandably, when an artist announces that their performing at the event, people lose their minds. Last year, DJ Khaled shared a very suggestive video of his team announcing his spot at the Californian mega event. 

Now, DJ Snake has followed suit and done the same revealing that he is one of the bigger labels to perform at next years edition! 

The Frenchman shared a Snapchat picture with the caption – ‘Coachella 2017’. He immediately removed it once people started taking screenshots of the image and posted it on social media. But we know the power of the internet and word quickly spread like wild fire.

While this isn’t exactly confirmed for sure, it’s pretty strong evidence for the fact that the trap god will most probably make his way to the festival in April next year!

Now we patiently wait for more artist reveals!