Up Helly Aa is the modern reincarnation of The Vikings and it’s a spectacle that will send shivers through your bones! 

Scotland’s awesome Up Helly Aa festival is an annual celebration of the end of the Yule Season which takes place in the middle of winter, in the Shetland islands. Up Helly Aa itself is a collective of a number of events that are associated with fire, in the Shetland islands during that period.

Participants in the annual ritual are decked from head to toe in fur, leather, steel, natch and are known as the Jarl Squad. The Jarl Squad is led by Guizer Jarl leading up to the ceremonies of the festival.

1. Witness The Feared Vikings Hit Shore In Their Fleets!

Credits: xihuashe.lofter.com

2. Decked Entirely Like Vikings, The Jarl Squad March On!

Credits: everfest.com

3. The Army Of Vikings Is Led By The Guizer Jarl

Credits: bbc.com

4. The Excitement Is Clearly Evident!

Credits: Press and Journal

5. They Even Have A Special Edition Gin To Celebrate The Spirit Of Up Helly Aa

Credits: Scotsman Food and Drinks

6. A Viking Ship Is Created And Transported To The Grounds Where It Is Burned

Credits: Youtube

7. The Viking Troops Assemble For The Highlight Event Of The Evening

Credits: dices.over-blog.com

8. A 1000 Torches Set Fire To The Ceremonious Viking Boat!

Credits: inverse.com

9. Guizers Sing The Traditional “Norseman’s Home” As The Ship Burns…

Credits: buzzerg.com

10. The After Parties Are Epic AF

Credits: kozetland1.blogspot.com