Trap music and yoga definitely seem like they don’t belong in the same sentence, but that is exactly what Brandon Copeland is doing!

Yoga is something that is done to get fit and build inner peace. The origins of Yoga have been traced back to India, but over the past few years Yoga has become increasingly popular in the West and now there is no shortage of classes anywhere. But Brandon Copeland has taken it upon himself to do something out of the box to get people even more involved. Copeland is the owner of the Khepera Wellness Group in the district. 

In this class, Copeland uses trap music to set the stage for a physically demanding Rocket yoga class. Rocket yoga is a form of yoga that is physically demanding right from the first class itself. A lot of people initially felt the classes were really hard, which is when Copeland got the idea of infusing the workouts with trap music.

The change in approach was met with a lot of appreciation from people who felt the music started to help them do difficult poses and exercises“This feels more natural because we’re listening to hip-hop, music I listen to on my own when I want to relieve stress, you’re channelling the energy of music through the practice. I can be my best self by learning to channel that energy,” says Matthew who was initially sceptical but now loves the routines. 

Copeland sees music as a means to create an inviting space, to break down barriers for people who might otherwise shy away from yoga.

Now that’s one imaginative way to look at something that is a hindrance to people and solving it by doing something no one has ever thought of!