Saying ‘I do’ at a music festival with your significant other may just be the best decision you ever make.

There are so many things amazing about a festival. Sharing it with someone you love is one of them. And that is exactly why getting married in a festival just makes so much sense. It’s cost effective (your only major expense will be getting the tickets), off beat and definitely a much more enriching experience! Ditch the norm and head out for a surreal experience that is as special as your bond!

Check out some of these beautiful weddings!

1. Electric Forest

Electric Forest is the kind of festival you WANT to get married at. Serene woods, beautiful music and beautiful people, this festival makes for a pretty perfect place for you to say ‘I do’ at. And that is exactly what Samantha and John did for their nuptials. Love is in the air at Sherwood forest and this happy couple seems to be all about that. A friend ordained their union and also managed, to sum up everything the couple beautifully. Here’s an excerpt:

Welcome, everybody! We’re gathered here today… to pregame for Skrillex, obviously… but while we’re here we might as well join two beautiful souls in eternal matrimony.


They say love is everywhere, but at music festivals, it’s certainly more concentrated. Thousands of beautiful people from all over the world coming together with no purpose in kind except dancing, connecting with others and maybe lighting a spliff or two. It’s an atmosphere of total acceptance and radiant positivity, and in that spirit, Samantha and Justin have decided to have their special day here at Electric Forest.

Sam and Justin first met when they bumped into each other at a water park rave in Columbus. They got along great, but unfortunately never caught each others’ names. Rookie mistake, guys! However, chance intervened and Justin popped up as someone Sam might know on Facebook. They say love works in mysterious ways, don’t see why Mark Zuckerberg can’t lend a hand!


Also, one more wedding at the stupidly beautiful festival but we can’t find out who the blushing bride and adorable groom are! Nonetheless, check it out!

2. Shambala

Asta and Andrew decided to get married on a whim. They were at Shambala music festival and they decided that this would be the perfect place to finally do this. Luckily, Kate Mada, life photographer and observation-ist was around and decided to take these wonderful pictures.

(Credits: Kate Mada)


This year, a total of 149 couples got married at this year’s edition of EDC. This was also the first time the festival hosted a same-sex marriage. Along with every edition of the festival come along stories of several love birds who decide to make it official. The festival is also the foundation of many of the relationships, like Lauren and Kyle, who got married there this year. Look at them giving us relationship goals!


Kyle actually asked Lauren to marry him at EDC itself so the wedding holds extra significance.

3. Hangout Festival

Hangout is particularly known for its wacky weddings. They even have a resident minister Tommy Calloway, a professional comedian and ordained minister. This year, Calloway had made 99 unions official by the second day.


The Hangout Chapel is known to host some of the craziest weddings and attire is quite…relaxed.

4. Burning Man

For many couples who attend Burning Man together, Black Rock City is the obvious choice when they choose to tie the knot. While the unpredictable desert can be an unusual venue for a couple’s big day, the couples who have wedded in BRC reflect on their ceremonies with fondness, and most of them emphatically insist that it was the perfect spot for their matrimony. And why not? Tying the knot amongst EDM ravers, monumental art sculptures and miles and miles of desert. The festival temple is the most popular location for couples, usually. The best wedding held at the playa was probably that of Jasmine, with her groom (who requested anonimosity). The couple got married with 500 people looking on at the Heart Phoenix Art Car by the Embrace Sculpture.

5. Bonnaroo

There’s just something about the energy at Bonnaroo that has inspired so many love stories over the course of its 14-year existence.  Countless marriage proposals can be witnessed each year, typically underneath The Arch at the entrance to the main festival grounds. The most popular one of them has to be the wedding of Danielle and Pablo. The wedding was a hit and that is all thanks to Reddit. The groom posted on the site asking for tips to get married at the ‘Roo and OF COURSE the community came together to give the two an unforgettable ceremony. Check out their adorbale wedding film (made by a Redditor)



“He had me when we started talking about music,” Lauren Shryock said of her first conversation with now-husband Memo Zavala. “We met at a birthday party that a couple of my girlfriends had thrown for me,” she continued. After almost three years, the young couple decided to tie the knot, but they couldn’t get married just anywhere. The music-lovers were married at Coachella 2012! One of their friends ordained the ceremony and RADIOHEAD played at their reception. Could this really get any better?