Hint: It’s a little more than you think.

EDC has been offering couples the unique chance to say ‘I do’ at the festival itself since 2013. This concept has been a total hit and ravers from far and wide come here to have their kandi-themed nuptials. This year, the festival’s first same-sex marriage was held when Chris and Skye decided to tie the knot. Though this was not the only reason this year proved to be iconic.

The festival hosted as many as 149 official ceremonies in total, plus an additional 200 non-legal ceremonies each day. The festival is known for it’s accepting environment and most couples believe there isn’t a better place to take their wedding vows. The ceremonies cost around $60 and last for about 15 minutes. Kyle Kirk and Lauren Eisenburger, were one of the couples and they couldn’t be happier with their decision. Kyle asked Lauren to marry him at EDC Orlando, so getting married here was almost meant to be!