A parody article on robot DJs earned itself some major lulz as well as some major shade from the more naive EDM fans.

An obviously satirical article by edmnightlife, ‘Robot DJ Used by Nightclub Replaces Resident DJs’, managed to troll almost half of the internet’s Dance music fans by suggesting that an imaginary club in Austin, Texas will be replacing its residents with robot DJs in a fake interview with a place holder name  – ‘Jonathan Smith’.

robot dj

If that wasn’t enough of a clue, the first sentence of the article should have been enough to clue them in “This is the perfect DJ Paris Hilton experience, except better”, but most readers were too fueled with outrage to realise they were being trolled. Hard.

The reactions were what we would call, downright hilarious. From infuriation, to incredulity and downright disbelief. The comment thread basically went freaking nuts.

Reaction to DJ robot post1

At one point things PRETTY turned emotional….
Reaction to DJ robot post2

And then downright scary.
Reaction to DJ robot post3

Reaction to DJ robot post 5

While eventually, people caught on and even made some pretty good and original jokes about it.
Reaction to DJ robot post4

What is really awesome is that this article was shared through social media, by a bunch of popular DJs that turned the nifty little blog Viral. What obviously infuriated readers, were some of the answers this supposed Jonathan Smith, gave – At one point he mentions this ‘technology’ being loaded with the latest and best EDM tracks, which it will keep updating through it’s built in satellite internet connection, ending the line with saying, “Our research showed that this is already a 40% match to mainstream DJ experiences.”

Needless to say, The Sherp is thoroughly amused. Thank you, Jonathan Smith.

(Read the rest of intentionally funny faux interview, here )