After having his original tune ripped off by hardstyle producer WildStylez, the Mau5 delivers a comeback in his own vintage style.

The copyright violations in the music industry keep on coming – this time it involves Canadian DJ deadmau5 accusing hardstyle producer Wildstylez of stealing the chord progression from his hit track “Some Chords” in the recently released “Straightforward.” After listening to both tunes, it seems that deadmau5 does have a point – the chords are essentially identical.


So, naturally deadmau5 voiced his frustration over his extremely entertaining twitter feed:



And now Joel does what he’s best at. Destroying all those who venture in his path. He reactivates his SoundCloud for the sole purpose of dissing WildStylez by composing a disastrous hardstyle track, 1.22 minutes long. You can have a listen below, but let us warn you – this might be quite disturbing. With one incredibly annoying beat reverberating throughout the duration, the only good part about it are the comments that appear as the song progresses.


So yeah, Joel proves his point – almost mocking the genre for it’s lack of genuine creativity and chord progression. And he signs off with this:


You just do not mess with the Mau5.