The Sherp is buzzing with anticipation. Deadmau5’s tour is upon us and all that’s left to do is make your own Mau5head. 

If all the videos and pictures are anything to go by, it is a must-have concert accessory. Seeing that there is an obvious ‘demand-supply’ problem and with only a few days to go for the show, the Sherp has done some research and put together a simple, step-by-step process to making your own Mau5head.


A few simple things you need for your Mau5head. Most of which will be available at your local stationary store:

1) A Beach Ball (One that is preferably bigger than your head.)

2)  A Big and sturdy cardboard sheet (Think : discarded fridge cardboard box) which is approximately big enough to make two 12inch (diameter) mau5ears side-by-side.

3) LOTS of paper. (This should come as no surprise)

4) Styrofoam ball (or a rubber ball) that is approximately 5inches in diameter.

5) Scissors and a really sharp knife

6) Super glue (Approximately three bottles)

7) Fabric colour(s) of your choice

8) Foam

9) Mesh (white mesh)


Once you have procured all the above mentioned items, we move on to the most interesting part – making the actual Mau5head. Your 11 steps away from your own, super-cool Mau5head.


1) Blow up your beach ball till its nice and hard. Make sure it’s securely plugged. Then pour some or a whole glue bottle into a bowl about half way up. Fill the rest with cold water. Stir thoroughly. Now get a ton of paper and rip it into long strips. Soak your strips in the glue-mix then place it on the beach ball. Continue until your ball is completely coated (except for nozzle) and you cannot see it’s design through the paper. Let it dry overnight.


STEP 1 - Inflate


2) Repeat this step, until your feel like your layers are thick enough. Once you are satisfied or tired (whichever comes first) let it sit for another night. The next day you can pick it up and check if its dry. If yes, unplug the beach ball through the opening and deflate it. The insides are going to stick to the ball so be careful (remember haste only makes waste) and try not to rip them. Once it is deflated enough to fit through the hole, pull it out. The trickiest part is done.




3) Cut a circular hole on the Mau5head (around the area you left uncovered for the nozzle) just a bit bigger and neater to a size where you can fit your head through comfortable. Be careful not to make the opening too big. Now that you are in a cutting mood, use a pencil to draw out how and you want your mouth to be. If you want, you can draw where your eyes are supposed to be just to where you want the Mau5heads mouth to be (preferably in relation to your mouth) and with a knife, poke a big hole in the middle of the area of where your mouth will be. With your scissors, cut along your drawn lines until it looks like (or at least resembles) the mouth. Now go to where you believe is the complete left side of your mask and draw-in lines where the ears will be. Make two parallel line-cuts on each side. Cut those out, using the knife, and remove the middle space between the parallel lines on each side. Now you should have two slits on each side.



4) Now get the cardboard and make two circles that are 12 inches in diameter. These are your ears so make sure you make them in the right shape (google some pictures for reference). Make sure there is a lot of room at the bottom to fit in the slits and still be visible. You only need two of these cut-outs so just throw away the scraps or be eco friendly and find something else useful to do with it.


5) Now it’s time for the eyes. Get out the Styrofoam/Rubber ball and cut it in half. Make sure it is as even as possible. Use a knife (make sure it is sharp) instead of scissors.

STEP 5 - Cut Eyes


6) Try to fit the ears into the head’s slots. It takes time, so don’t get too frustrated if you don’t nail it the first time. Make sure you don’t wear the Mau5head right after you’ve fit them in because they will fall out. If they’re too wobbly, just tape them into place. Now you’re gonna need to make your glue-mix (glue + water) again.

STEP 6 - Inster Ears

7) Now use some more paper and like you did in step one and paper mâché the ears to the head. Word of warning though, if your head collapses now, your layers weren’t thick enough (so make sure you do that step right).

STEP 7 - Paper Marche Ears

8) You Mau5head is almost done. Now just let your masterpiece dry overnight.


STEP 8 - Dry overnight


9)  Cut out small holes in the mask that are the size of the Styrofoam/Rubber eyes and stick them to your mask from the inside. After that, carefully cut out the paper that is over the previously cut out mouth area (in step 3). Make sure the cut is perfect and smooth so it does not look sloppy and ‘unprofessional’, unless that’s what you’re going for. Hehe.

STEP 9 - Eyes and Mouth

10) Paint the mesh a whitish color, if it is not white already. From the inside, either hot glue or tape it to fit the the mouth area.



11) Now cover your mask in some fabric (preferably white) and then go crazy with the paint. Let your final creation dry and ta-da your ready to mau5 the roof off the hou5e.



Step 12  – Wear it and don’t take it off until after Deadmau5’s Sunburn Arena tour. Capiche?

When : March 14th, 15th &16th

Where :  Mumbai, Bangalore & Dellhi