Mumbai bands “The Yellow Diary” and “Euphony” have won the Band Baja Contest organised by NCPA! 

The 4th edition of the Band Baja Contest held by NCPA recently concluded and two Mumbai bands emerged as the winners of the coveted competition. The contest has focused on providing a platform for young and aspiring bands all over the country.

“The Band Baja Contest was created with an intention to encourage young talent and their creativity in the alternate/contemporary genre. We are immensely proud that aspiring bands are coming forward and offering fresh music with breath-taking enthusiasm. We hope, through Band Baja, that more bands are encouraged to come forward and showcase and grow their talent,” said Dr. Suvarnalata Rao, Head – Programming (Indian Music), NCPA.


Credits: Euphony Facebook

The Yellow Diary

Credits: The Yellow Diary Facebook

The Yellow Diaries music can be described as the unpredictable experiences a person goes through in his life. Their lyrics are across multiple languages and their music covers multiple genres. On the other hand, Euphony is a band which stood out for their unique and entertaining take on music. The USP of the group happens to be their ability to seamlessly fuse vocals with sick beat boxing!

The winning bands are being given an opportunity to perform at the NCPA Experimental Theatre along with a video recording of their performance of their preferred song. The winners are also being awarded with a ticket to the One World Many Musics (OWMM) Festival where they will be able to share space with some of the most established artists in the industry like Shantanu Moitra, Ani Choying, Kaushiki Chakrabarty, Purbayan and Ashwin Srinivasan!

The performances by The Yellow Diary and Euphony will take place at the NCPA Experimental Theatre on 7th October at 7pm. The entry for the gig is free!

All the more reason to catch these brilliant bands in action!