The Prime Minister’s awesome speech left many speechless with admiration and awe; who knew he could pull off a ‘May The Force Be With You’! Courtesy:

The city of New York was enveloped by ‘A State Of Narendra Modi’ this past Sunday, as the Prime Minister of India made his first visit to the United States of America since he took over his office.

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Before addressing a packed NRI audience at the Madison Square Garden, Narendra Modi made a special appearance at the Global Citizen Festival and delivered an empowering seven-minute speech.  Speaking in front of a crowd of about 60,000 young American students, the Indian PM conversed in fluid English and emphasized on the importance of the youth in making the world a better place. Watch it here:

Here are some noteworthy excerpts:

“I am truly delighted, to be here. In the open Central Park. And not inside, a closed conference room…
Among the youth, among you.
Because, you are the future. What you do today, will decide, our tomorrow.”  


“Some believe, that the world changes, with the wisdom of the old.
I think, that the idealism, innovation, energy and ‘can do’ attitude, of the youth, is even more powerful”.

Social media, Narendra Modi’s most powerful tool during his own election campaign, was buzzing after his speech at the festival:





The primary aim of Global Citizen is to serve as platform to raise awareness about various issues, especially those affecting the poor, and to find opportunities to support campaigns and organisations that help towards sustainable change. The Indian Prime attended the festival alongside many other international dignitaries, know more about it HERE.

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