Nirvana’s “Nevermind” album came out 25 years ago and quietly creeped into all of our heads to become one of the most stand out albums of all time!

While everyone has had their way of celebrating, Spencer Elden, otherwise known as the naked baby on the album’s iconic cover had his own way of remembering the good ol’ days! He dived back into the pool to recreate what is probably one of the most iconic photos and album covers to grace the earth! With the assistance of photographer John Chapple, Elden recreated the album’s cover at the Rose Bowl Aquatics Center in Pasadena, California.



Although much older now, he put on swimming trunks for this shoot and thankfully was not nude! He has done numerous interviews about being on the cover in the past and has even recreated the image a few times over the years. The band originally wanted to have a woman giving birth in a pool for the cover, but settled for a naked baby when the record label vetoed that idea.

Elden likes being the most famous baby in music, claiming it has helped him with both his career and with the ladies. And we’re not surprised. 

Long live Nirvana!