Lap up the beauty guys. Lap it up!

The electronic music festival had a killer eighth year and we had a look at the great time that went down there! With the crowd ready and the speakers on, the festival was a huge hit. Check out all the shenanigans that took place on both days.

1. The venue looked pretty AF 

2. And the crowd instantly got into the mood

3. So did the DJs

4. See what we mean?

5. With an infectious crowd like this, you can’t blame em

6. Look at them go!

7. The nights were spectacular

8. Almost divine-like

9. The DJs loved it too

10. A crowd that grooves together, sticks together

11. The after party fired up the volume

12. It was a fantastic Day 1 from the looks of it

13. A swag-alicious start to Day 2

14. Posing for pictures everywhere

15. And we mean everywhere

16. The DJs got in on the action too

17. Sundown threw light across the venue

18. In more ways than one

19. The performances spiced things up

20. A big shout-out to the crowd for bringing life to the party

(Images Courtesy: GO:MADras)
The festival rocked to the core. Until next year, keep looking through these pictures and feel some major FOMO.