Big Gig, a festival held in Landour, Mussoorie, is a blissful sanctuary for those who need an escape to the hills this May.


Big Gig festival is back with its summer edition in Mussoorie, a venue as transcendental and picaresque as any festival organizer could ask for. Big Gig is an ornate gathering of people who wish to experience and explore the hills of Landour and the ethnic culture of its hillside community.

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This event spans over two days of uninterrupted divulging into the history of Mussoorie, including a Chakkar heritage walk around Landour organized by the ‘Mussoorie Heritage Centre‘ on March 2.

The local Landour community will also organize an outdoor cinema screening as part of their collective initiative, the ‘Mussoorie Mobile Cinema‘ so that the festival-goers can enjoy an engaging film with a breathtaking backdrop of the hills.

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Other outdoor activities such as Himalayan-eque bike rides, eco-trails, etc can be taken full advantage of until the gates of Rokeby Manor open at 3pm on May 3. This is when the ethereal euphonious extravaganza begins.

Previous editions have featured acts like Prateek KuhadMameKhan, and other brilliant artists. Keep regular tabs here for more details as soon as they’re out. So pack your bags and head to the hills this summer. #ToTheHills

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(All Images Courtesy: Big Gig Facebook)