The impressive line-up at Coachella year after year manages to make it one of the highest attended festivals in the world. But not being at the festival should be no reason to not check out the artists.

Coachella is big. And not the ‘it has big stages’ big, but its annual edition is a huge testament to pop culture. The boost to little known artists for their inclusion in the line-up is massive. And sure, you may have heard Tame Impala, Drake, Jack White, AC / DC, Florence + The Machine and other popular names, but for some variety in the playlist, you should check out some of the other less-conventional names too. For that measure, The Sherp has rounded up those musicians that your music collection needs, soon.

1. FKA Twigs

That FKA Twigs taught contemporary dance in London before she was on her way to become a British trip-hop favourite is cool, but is nowhere as cool as the music she makes. Her waspy voice, with her soothing electronic production makes her quite the trippy addition to your music. There is a strong reason she’s slowly rising to be so popular.

2. Alabama Shakes

That gloriously royal voice of lead vocalist and guitarist Brittany Howard has gained Alabama Shakes that much needed push in the music circuit. But the band has some serious talent packed in. Their alternation between garage rock and blues, gives them a very unique style, something that has also earned them three Grammy nominations in the past.

3. Desaparecidos

Conor Oberst is most well known for his more-popular melancholic indie set-up, Bright Eyes. Except when he’s not toying with our emotions, he’s belting out some serious garage punk as the band member of Desaparecidos. It’s emo, it’s raging, and it’s the kind of punk that has been missing from mainstream music for a while now. You will see yourself go back to it, quite aggressively.

4. Caribou

Caribou has been around for a while now, so if you haven’t lapped on to its neo-psychedelic style, it’s time you do as soon as possible. One of producer Dan Smith’s several projects, Caribou stands out for its sheer unique sound. He manages to produce never-before-heard music within the frameworks of pop, per se, in what is a unique amalgamation.

5. B.R.E.E.D

By virtue of it being India’s lone act to be performing at Coachella this year in itself warrants a necessary hearing. But do not let that lone fact deter you. Ritesh D’Souza and Tara Mae’s ‘future exotic’ sound is fresh off the block stuff, with unique synth accompaniments and neat vocals.

6. Eagulls

The members of Eagulls are angry, and they make no show to hide it. Their music has all post-punk desperation locked in, reminiscent of Ian Curtis’ despondency. Their lyrics are drudged up, their music slightly chaotic, albeit melodic. It’s a paradox, but it’s beautiful, much like their music. No guarantee on how listening to it will make you feel though.

7. Milky Chance

This German duo has strong influences of reggae, electronica, folk and jazz so it’s safe to say they’re catering to a wide audience base. They’re basically making music that sounds like nothing else out there. It may seem like ‘too much in one’, but really, you may get the hang of it a bit too soon. Perhaps, you’ll find yourself addicted.

8. Jungle

Jungle is at the moment notoriously famous, so it’s time you jumped on to the bandwagon, not because of how they’re catching up, but because they’re amazing. They’re a modern soul collective with some serious funk influence, with high-pitched vocals. And damn are their videos super interesting.

9. Action Bronson

His most frequent rap topic is food. Don’t you love him already? Wait before you check out his music though, cause the guy can rap real good. He’s worked as a chef, but clearly festivals would rather he take the stage by storm. As a youtube commentator says, ‘he’s the superhero hip-hop needs.’ Sigh.

10. Belle and Sebastian

Belle and Sebastian is testament to how indie pop can sound beautiful, almost even thirty years after formation, and it riles us up how largely ignored this band seems to be in India. Melodic music, soulful lyrics, and beautiful vocals, they’re just the band to wind up with after a long day, as they work as well as a soothing balm.