LEAKED PHOTOS! Breaking! Here are some of the most famous and notorious cats spotted at Coachella, this past weekend.


1.  The trend followers

     “Can you tell us who/what you’re wearing?”

     “Vanessa Hudgens, obviously.  B****, are you blind?”   

(Gif Courtesy : www.giphy.com)


2. The attention seeker

     “I’m sad”


     “No one asked me about my flower headband.”




3. The kat-dashians

“We put the ‘fashion’ in fashion statement”

(Gif Courtesy : giphy.com)


4. The Lindsay Lohan

“Ugh, paparazzi”

cat-polka-dot-bikini(Image Courtesy: petslady.com)



5. The wannabe fashion-stylist

     “I’m a quasi famous fashion blogger”

      “I don’t believe in brands. I only pick up outfits from thrift stores”

     “Check me out at Fancypurr.tumblr”



6. The serious musicians

    “So what kind of music do you play?”

       “Any sound a banjo makes.”

          “What do you call yourselves?”

      “Catfurr And Sons”

catfurr and sons(Image Courtesy : caminopethospital.com)

7. DJ Meow

“Turn down for what!”

(Gif courtesy : Giphy.com)


8. Kitty Derp

“I filled my snow cone with catnip”

a36d4621f08d1351806622c4158fc7c8(Image Courtesy : s3-ec.buzzfed.com)



9. Tame Impala’s new drummer

What’s the most important thing about being a drummer?”

“Always perform shirtless. The ladies can’t get enough”




10. Those bikini babes

“This pool party is boring.”





(Disclaimer : This is a joke article)