Shot by famous festival gatecrasher Marcus Haney, this footage shows the Brits going undercover at Bonnaroo.  

bonnaroo1(Image Courtesy: Bonnaroo Facebook)

The Bonnaroo Arts & Music Festival is one of North America’s most heavily attended gatherings with the finest live music acts from around the world. While you’re strolling around the festival grounds, one shouldn’t be surprised if they came across the artists performing on stage. This year, Mumford & Sons masqueraded as a chicken, wolf, a bride, and a masked archer and shot the entire video for their latest track ‘The Wolf‘ at the festival itself.

bonnaroo2(Image Courtesy: Bonnaroo Facebook)

The video features the band hurdling across the venue, on a Ferris Wheel, a special feature by Ed Helms, with their disguises on point. The video has been shot by the man responsible for making the documentary which included his escapades as he snuck across numerous music festivals across the country.  Check it out below: