A festival that promises great experiences for the city of Mumbai!


Festival season is right around the corner with 30 odd events ready to light up the next few months. Amongst the madness comes another fest, namely Mumbai Jam which will take place this December 4 to 6.
Mumbai Jam1
(Image Courtesy: Mumbai Jam/Facebook)

As of now, all we know is that Mumbai Jam will take place at MMRDA Grounds and will be an exploration of all your five senses. This ‘more-than-a-festival’ festival will allow you to witness creative exploration, to listen to and enjoy new music collaborations, to smell romance, to taste mouthwatering and sinful delicacies all packaged into an old world charm.
If you’ve been around the city, you may have spotted massive and colourful Mumbai centric hoardings, without really knowing what they were for. This may be the most mysterious way to tease an audience, but we at Festival Sherpa are definitely intrigued. Stay tuned to this space for the latest developments on this seemingly interesting new festival.

Mumbai Jam2
(Image Courtesy: Mumbai Jam/Facebook)
Check out their website for more information.