If you step into Apple’s San Francisco ‘global flagship store’, you might notice something familiar. Other than the Apple products, of course. Out by the plaza, in the courtyard stands 10-foot high letters spelling out the word ‘Love’ in rainbow colours. 

You aren’t mistaken. The sculpture has been created by Burning Man regular and artist Laura Kimpton. Her installations have been a common sight at the festival since years and Burners have come to associate her style with that of the festival.

So how did a multinational tech company end up using art that is representative of the wild and free spirit of the world’s greatest hedonistic festival? “These large organizations are no longer scared of Burning Man. It’s an art festival,” Kimpton told Business Insider. The artist was approached to bring her quirky art to the store as Apple believes that the courtyard is where you’re going to be able to meet with the geniuses from the company’s Genius Bar, the tech support station located inside some of Apple’s stores. The artist chose the rainbow colours because San Francisco is the city of love, and acceptance of loving whomever you want to. 

The artist is the brains behind similar art installations at Burning Man such as these: