It’s finally happening, people!

Everyone positively flipped when Tomorrowland announced the lineup for the  Mau5trap and Pryda stage because therein lay the seeds of one of the best collaborations we have ever seen. Deadmau5 along with Eric Prydz are ready to make all our dreams come true. 

And if you have been following the buzz closely, you’ll know that Deadmau5 hinted at the possibility of a live set. Though it was just speculation, dance music lovers have waited patiently to know more. And Deadmau5 has finally confirmed what we have all been waiting for by tweeting this two days back:

Also, when asked by a fan if the pair will be using CDJs during the performance, Eric Prydz replied in the negative leaving us with a curious ‘You’ll see’, to chew on!

What do you think the stars have in store for us? Looks like we are going to have to wait until July 22 to find out!

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