Don’t you just love when events are solely dedicated to animals?

The Sherp takes you around 5 different festivals in India and around the world that celebrate animals in all their glory…

1. Tihar Festival


The people of Nepal know how to celebrate animals, alright. Known for showering love on not just humans and Gods, but pets too; this five-day festival devotes its second day to the friendship between humans and the furry creatures. The adorable pets are not just showered with delicious treats but adorned with garlands and different coloured dyes. Not to mention, a special ceremony for police dogs!

2. Monkey Buffet Festival


What about those mischievous little monkeys? Held in Lopburi, Thailand every year, the monkey buffet festival is all about showering these little creatures, who kept stealing your food in Lonavala, with an unlimited supply of goodies and treats. In fact, in 2007 around 2,000 locals monkeys were served! Well, maybe Thai people share a lot more monkey love than us, but we can still marvel at the friendship they share with these rascally yet lovable creatures.

3. Elephant Festival


We haven’t forgotten about the large-footed kind. From elephant polo and elephant dance to tug-o-wars, the festival celebrates these large creatures in all their glory. They even get horses and camels involved! Held in Jaipur, Rajasthan every year, the owners proudly embellish their elephants with vibrant colours, jhools and heavy jewellery. Oh, and at this festival, it’s not the Indian women who happily flaunt their anklets but female elephants instead! They even have their own fashion contests and the best decorated elephants receive awards.

4. Pet Fed


Branded India’s biggest pet festival, Pet Fed witnesses over 25,000 people and 3,000 pets coming together t0 celebrate their mutual friendship. The festival celebrates there furry little creatures in the most innovative ways possible. From dog cafes and swings to cat zones and bakeries, animal galleries and much much more; Pet Fed in Delhi is the perfect way to pamper your lovable little animals.

5. Birds Of Chile Festival


What about those feathered little creatures who keep flying into your living room when the window’s open? Well, the people of Chile celebrate the love for birds for four whole day. Right from bird watching to talks by bird experts; you learn a lot about the existence and characteristics of this fascinating species. What’s more, people even get to explore the diverse habitats and ecosystems nearby.