Every year on the first of April the Minecraft Company decides to do a prank. Last year they set the bar for these practical jokes real high. They released an entire snapshot called the Infinity Snapshot!

The snapshot had lots of whacky features that will never see the light of day but still, it was fun. This year they decided to do something different.

Minecraft Plus!

Minecraft Plus is a screen saver pack that includes a ton of Minecraft-themed screen savers which you can download. If you don’t want to set it up on your pc you always run the screen savers in the browser to see what’s inside.

The cover art of the Minecraft Plus box is a subtle hint at the older Microsoft plus packs that were sold in the 90s. The screen savers include many classic animations such as the bouncing DVD logo or the stars coming at you.

All the screen savers are Minecraft-themed and feature various minecraft mobs and blocks.

Mojang is known to pull such pranks each year and they do a great job at it. One time they released a trailer on 3d Minecraft! where steve looked like an actual man, it was bizarre, to say the least.

Minecraft soon will be getting the caves and cliffs update, you can get more in-depth info about the snapshots here