The AR and VR gaming technology has improved significantly over the past few years, thanks to an increase in popularity and demand. But these AR and VR glasses have applications that go far beyond gaming.

The US army will now be using AR gaming in their army. The reason why the US army remains on top is due to its quick adaptation of new-age technologies, AR being one.

AR Gaming and US troops

The Microsoft Holo Lens 2 created a lot of buzz when it was revealed, and the army noticed it. The AR glasses will be used to train troops in real-life-like locations using AR technology.

The Microsoft company got initial funding from the army for the Holo lens 2, and now it has gotten additional money to supply these glasses. According to official reports, the Microsoft company will be providing 120,000 glasses over the span of 10 years, and the army will be paying them $22 billion!

The Microsoft company has known to be working with the US army in the past providing them cloud services. But these AR glasses are a new step in the right direction.

This only goes to show how positively can gaming affect real life. If it weren’t for the demand in the gaming industry the holo lends wouldn’t be made.

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