In the spirit of the tenth and final year of Croatia’s Garden Festival, we’re here to reminisce about the things that made it almost legendary.

Goodbyes are always hard. But the ones done in style can be quite unforgettable as well. This coming week Croatia’s Garden Festival will bid adieu to its fans with much pomp and show, soon after hosting its tenth anniversary edition. The event, which is held in the scenic town of Tisno, will be headlined by  DJ Harvey. Here are a few things about the festival that set it apart and made an entire decade full of memories on the beach.


1. The Spectacular Location

Croatia has slowly and steadily established its position as a cultural habitat in the European Union. And taking that one step further is the number of music festivals it plays host to, around the year. On the breathtaking coast of Tisno, thrives The Garden Festival, one of Croatia’s most beloved electronic music fests. With a backdrop of the sun, sand and unbelievably blue water, Tisno’s beaches are a festival-goer’s paradise.

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2. The Eclectic Line-ups

The Garden Festival lineups are far from mainstream. A tasteful blend of popular and underground electronic acts, this festival makes sure to deliver performances you wouldn’t want to miss. This year’s edition, as mentioned above, is being headlined by DJ Harvey (whom the organizers had been trying to book for five years), accompanied by Seth Troxler, Ben UFO and more you can view here.

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3. An Escape For The Free Spirited

With Tisno’s beautiful beaches comes the free-spiritedness required to enjoy this festival to the fullest. Let your inner hippie out and your mind float on the picturesque ocean. Garden festival is a place where everyone believes in ‘live and let live’.

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4. The Intrinsic Festival + Holiday Experience

Apart from the festival itself, Tisno offers a lot of tourist friendly adventures. With secluded beaches, the historic cities of zadar and several tropical islands to explore, a trip to Garden Fest isn’t just a music festival experience, but has potential to be a life-altering and completely immersive holiday where you take a much needed getaway from life.

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5. The Stage In The Middle Of The Ocean

On the banks of the Adriatic waters, warmed by the idyllic sunlight, we have an electronic festival with a stage bang in the middle of the water. Spend the lazy afternoons basking in the sun’s glory as you catch your favourite electronic acts surrounded by the blue ocean on all sides. The festival have boats ready to carry the attendees to the stage and bring them safely back. What more could one ask for?

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6. Barbarella’s Afterparties

Since moving down the coast, the club has taken on a life of its own, hosting some phenomenal afterparties at Barbarella, under a canopy of stars slowly fading until dawn. Any visit to the festival is incomplete without checking out the club, and for the 10th anniversary the final 8 parties have now been revealed – The Barbarella’s Opening Party, The Garden Presents, Beats In Space, Love International, Futureboogie, Edible and finally the very last show sees The Garden Festival handing over to Electric Elephant. And as an extra special treat, Resident Advisor is said to host a tenth anniversary 10-hour set on Saturday 4th July.

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7. Not Too Much, Not Too Little

One of the best things about Garden Festival (and a personal favourite of The Sherp) is the fact that this Tisno festival allows only a few thousand people to enjoy the sunny goodness of the festival coupled with great music. It’s not empty enough to feel vacant and not crowded enough to feel claustrophobic. (An island adventure with too many people ought to be hard to escape from, anyway.)

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The Garden festival hits Croatia on July 1-8. Make sure you get your tickets here.