175,000 campers have left back such incredible gifts for nature ,making the grounds appear like a shot off a zombie apocalypse movie.

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Glastonbury left us with plenty of memories. They also left behind a tonne of filth, that’s going to be cleaned over the next few weeks by 800 odd volunteers. From abandoned tents to plastic wastes, the Pilton Farmland looks like it was just hit by a tornado, and the ruins left behind are not a pleasant sight.


Props to the volunteers who have been deployed to take care of this colossal mess, and although Glastonbury rewards these volunteers with tickets (which are not so easy to come by), it still requires a tremendous amount of effort to clean and sanitize a venue of this scale. Glastonbury’s garbage accumulation has always been a talking point after the festival’s conclusion, but there has been no improvements since last year. Infact, it’s worse now.


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Piles of tarpaulin, beer cans and plastic covers are all that remain of the memorable festival that concluded this past Sunday. Here are some of the finest moments from the festival.

(All Images Courtesy: EPA)