The Minecraft Devs have dropped this week’s snapshots and it has a lot of features that need to be analyzed. The snapshot cycle for the 1.17 and 1.18 update is in full swing and we expect to see more from the Minecraft Developers.

This week’s snapshot gave us some juicy new information regarding the 1.18 update which as you know, has been delayed due to the pandemic.

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Minecraft Snapshot 21w16a

Minecraft Snapshot 21w16a wasn’t the biggest snapshot, but it still has some noteworthy features.

The dripstones are now farmable! When they added the dripstones for the first time we knew they were going to be farmable, but we weren’t quite sure how. The team answered us in this snapshot.

Just like water was generating below level 0, now lava will too. This change causes a lot of the caves to generate lava in them which looks majestic.

Ore veins have been added as well, these ore veins aren’t easy to spot, but once you do, get your pickaxe ready as you will be mining for a while. This photo from one of the Minecraft dev shows how long and massive these veins could be.

No skulk sensors in 1.17

As we all know that the caves and cliffs update has been split in two, many features have been divided as well. The skulk sensor will not be available in the 1.17 update.

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