Mojang is completely revolutionizing Minecraft and we’re loving it. The last snapshot added a new cave generation, and the game was changed forever. Minecraft Snapshot 21w07a added new cave generation and blocks this Thursday.

We have been getting a steady flow of snapshots and we will keep getting them till the update is released. There’s only a single update this year due to the sheer size of the update!

Minecraft Snapshot 21w07a added new cave generation and blocks

Minecraft Snapshot 21w07a improved upon the cave generation the last snapshot. This time it was even further polished and new ore types were added.

Yes, we will be getting a new ore variant. The ores all have new textures and also variants.


As we discussed last time in this article – Minecraft 1.17 finally added big caves and world height is increased!. And the world height was increased. The height was increased in the upper and lower sides. 64 blocks upwards and 64 blocks downwards.

And we know why, the underground will have a totally new layer of gemstone only. Grimstone is another stone block variant that just has some different textures and colors.

New ore generation

The ores will be now generating depending upon the world height. Here’s the diagram, here we can clearly see the new ore generation into action.

The most surprising part about this the diamond ore abundance in the deepest caves. It’s more than coal!

As we get closer to the release of Minecraft 1.17 we will keep getting new stuff.