The gaming industry has exploded in the last decades and has reached a level which the entertainment industry could only dream of. The gaming industry generates revenue more than the box office and music combined!

How did we get here, where did gaming come from, and how did it become synonymous amongst young nerdy kids?

A short but brief history of the gaming industry

In the 1900s the world was plagued by war and the great depression had also happened. But humanity always keeps pushing forwards, once the dust settled,the world started developing exponentially.

There was this one man, Ralph Baer who thought of video games first, he4 created the first console, called the Brown Box!

You could play games on your TV set and from then the market started gaining momentum


The market was increasing, but gaming wasn’t that popular yet, incomes Nintendo with its record-shattering game, MARIO! The gaming industry got a mascot and the Nintendo company a successful transition from selling trading cards to gaming.

After that, it was just a matter of time. Many classics emerged, Pokemon was one of the biggest ones to come out from Nintendo.

Gaming in the modern times

As time passed the tech involved in gaming started becoming more and more powerful. This continuous growth has managed to give us Photo-realistic graphics and smoother gameplay.

Just watch the gameplay of some old atari game and the new God Of War, and you’ll realize what humans can accomplish!


Gaming has been and will be a dominants industry in the entertainment market. And as the newer generation consoles keep getting better, many more will start gaming. You can even take up it as a career now!

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