Gaming has become more than a leisurely activity in 2021. There are multiple events being held every year, with tons of money up for grabs. The gaming scene has exploded in recent years and continues to grow. So here are 5 tips that will make you a CS: Go pro in a week

So if you’re a certified noob who doesn’t know anything about CS: go or you have been playing for a while. You might something useful here

5 Tips that will make you a CS: Go

Crosshair placement

The key to getting a kill on one look is your crosshair placement. It will determine whether you will be able to one-shot the opposition or not.

Generally having the crosshair at an angle might help, but it’s up for debate as everyone has a different playstyle and different priorities. Make sure your crosshair is visible, which can be easily done by changing its color.

Passive Aggressive

Passive Aggressive just means not being predictable. It’s really easy to pull off. By being passive-aggressive we mean that to win multiple rounds you need to switch up your playstyle a couple of times.

In the first round, you may go all in, blocking other routes by grenades or Molotov’s. Let them know you play aggressively and charge into them trying not to get killed.

After doing this they will expect aggressive gameplay from you. Then you start being passive, camping, and start waiting for a good opportunity.

Angle matters

The angle at which you peak matters a lot as you might think you’re hiding but in actuality, you’re more visible than a moon in the night sky. So make sure to keep peaking less than often, especially when you have a rifle that doesn’t have a scope

Creating Divergence

The key to getting more kills is by confusing you’re enemy about your location. Keep moving all the time, make sure to throw grenades and Molotov’s to let them get distracted.

Th9s tactic works mostly in a team and is pretty basic, but as a newbie, this will be really helpful.

Stay alive!

Staying alive, especially when you are CT will increase the likelihood of your victory drastically. You can’t just charge in without a plan and get killed. Yes, you might get a kill or two, but it will 0only increase the load on your teammates.

So these were the top 5 tips that will make you a CS: Go pro in a week, also remember to keep practicing.

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