The Minecraft dev team has returned from their Easter holidays hence the snapshot 21w14a is a small one. But you know what they say, big things come in small packages. And this snapshot, though being small, has introduced changes that have changed Minecraft forever!

Minecraft Snapshot 21w14a

New Ore changes

The Minecraft ore mining system was flawed since the inception of the game. The ores when mined used to drop with the stone block, which then we smelted to obtain ores.

But this has been fixed now. No matter which ore you mine now, you’ll get a raw form of the ore i.e. a new raw form of every ore variant, as you can see in the image, which can be smelted to obtain ingots.

Also you can use fortune enchantment on every ore block now!

Screaming Goats

The Dev team at Mojang makes sure to add as much detail as possible to every block or mob they add. The goats will now scream sometimes, and their screams are hilarious!

Along with these major changes some minor quality of life updates were also made. The cave generation has been tweaked a little bit so the transition between stone and grim stone is more cohesive.

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