Surprising facts about the band that have been the face of thrash-metal for 36 years!

Through a plethora of rehab stints, sound variations, and debilitating anger issues, heavy metal headbangers Metallica have always had a way of bouncing right back and taking on the bull by the horns, but how much do we really know about them? Here are 10 things about Metallica that might take you by surprise!

1.Lars Ulrich, The Art Collector

Credit: WikiArt

The infamous drummer enjoys curating his own personal art collection in his free time. In 2008, Ulrich sold a Jean-Michel Basquiat painting ‘(Untitled) Boxer’ for $13.5 million.

2. James Hetfield, The Motorhead

Credit: Maxim

The guitarist/singer is an avid mechanic, spending most of his free time working on classic cars. One of his favorite cars, a Blazer called ‘The Beast’ is modified to survive earthquakes and even nuclear blasts.

3. ‘Dave the Barbarian’ Cameo Appearance

James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich voiced two dragons in an episode called ’Here There Be Dragons.’

4. Ulrich The Tennis Prodigy

Credit: Talk Tennis

A little-known fact about the Danish drummer is that he was an extremely talented tennis player growing up. He came from a family of professional tennis players, nearly following in the footsteps of his father and grandfather.

5. Hetfield’s Chocolate Addiction

Credit: Stle Notes

It’s a well-known fact that Hetfield had a stint in rehab in 2001 for alcohol and “other” addictions. One of these ‘other’ addictions was chocolate, which probably explains his fluctuation in weight around the time.

6. The Rumoured Cause Of Burton’s Death

Credit: ebay

Joe Hasselvander, ex-member of the band Pentagram holds the belief that the reason Cliff Burton died was because the legendary bassist was in possession of tarot cards that dated back to the Salem witch trials and were covered in human blood.

7. The Cover Art Of Load

Credit: Youtube

The art on the cover of the album Load is entitled ‘Semen and Blood III.’ The materials used to create the piece are- you guessed it- bovine blood, and the semen of the artist, Andres Serrano, mixed together and compressed between glass slides.

8. Writing Credit Disparities

Credit: DVD Talk Forum

Over the course of the band’s extensive career, Robert Trujillo has received 15 writing credits on songs. Cliff Burton received 11 and Jason Newsted received 3.

9. Misprints and Collectors Items

Credit: Rockadrome

The French pressing of the bands 1984 album ‘Ride the Lightning’ featured a misprinted cover. Rather than the standard blue, Bernett Records printed the album with a green cover. Reportedly, there are only 400 green copies in existence, owing to which they are considered quite the collectible to die-hard fans.

10. Hetfield’s Musical Prowess


James Hetfield, legendary vocalist and guitarist started his musical journey at the tender age of nine, but not with the guitar as is widely assumed. In reality, the musician began his journey with the piano.

How much did you know?