The UK festival has confirmed 3 special sculptures and musical tributes for the recently deceased Prince, David Bowie and Lemmy Kilmister.

2016 has not been kind to the music world or to several legends who are seemingly disappearing one by one. Referring specifically to Prince, David Bowie and Motorhead frontman Lemmy Kilmister, who have each made huge contributions to the art of music, it is only right that they get honoured and remembered for their work. Glastonbury is doing just that by placing three sculptures that captures the essence of each of these artists, in addition to the several tributes planned.

Counter-culture sculptor Joe Rush, who has created artworks for the festival in the past, was entrusted with this huge responsibility and it seems he really came through. To represent Bowie, he constructed a large Ziggy Stardust lightning bolt with an eye in the centre right above the Pyramid stage. For Prince, Rush built a giant statue (over 13 feet tall) of a glittery hand holding a purple crown with a white dove flying from the top in the Park area. And finally for Lemmy is a peace sign sculpture made up of spanner wrenches, an aluminum ace of spades, a v-twist engine and a set of black ram’s horns. This sculpture will be placed near the Other stage.

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“People do need to have these places to come to, especially for an artist who has really affected or shaped their life, and pay tribute,” Rush said. “Particularly at Glastonbury, where you have so many music fans gathered in one place, it feels important to give these artists the recognition of the fact that they are our heroes.”

The festival will also be organising musical tributes to the greats such as a 50-piece orchestral performance, clad in all white, to commemorate Bowie. The orchestra will perform Philip Glass’ fourth symphony, which is based on Bowie’s album Heroes (Coincidentally Prince also covered the song “Heroes” weeks before he died). The orchestral performance will take place at midnight on Saturday and marks the first time a classical act will headline the festival. In addition to this there will also be a DJ set curated and played by Hot Chip frontman Alexis Taylor, celebrating the music of Prince at the Block 9 stage on Friday night.