Security guards take strict matters to a new low.

FOMO festival tickets was completely sold out for its edition at Riverstage, in the city of Brisbane. But things got a bit out of hand at the venue.

A video was posted on Facebook of what seemed to be a security guard choking one of the attendees on the ground of the venue and, even though another man intervenes, the officer continues to choke the man who was struggling to breathe. The video has since been removed, but here are the pictures.


The video was captured by a stranger who saw the incident and remarked ‘This is not okay.’ The festival organisers were alerted about this incident after it went viral on the social networking site and released a statement about looking into the matter and not making any rash decisions.

On further digging by the security agency, Asset Protection Systems, they found out that the victim was throwing an burning flare into the crowd and that is why the incident took place. The security guard is being questioned for further investigation.

This is yet another act of violence taking place at music festivals with the number of assaults and abuse reaching an all time high in 2017. We hope this sort of violence isn’t a regular incident from either side at festivals. We hope the victim is alright and did not sustain any major injuries.

Stay safe everybody, a festival is supposed to be fun.