Wine and dine at the festival for a good price.

It’s that time of the year when you know there is nothing better than attending the one festival in India that takes place in a vineyard, the freakin’ SulaFest!

This year, the dates are from the 3rd – 5th of February where you will get to experience the most diverse music artist line-up the festival has ever had. Every genre will be covered, with artists like Dana Ruh, The Raghu Dixit Project, Nico Stojan, Dhruv Voyage, Wouter de Moor, Igor Marijuan, Loco & Jam, Nucleya, Indian Ocean, Bit of Both, Afro Celt Sound System, Priyanjana, Your Chin, Swingrowers, La Bomba De Tiempo and many more taking the stage. Plus, it’s at the Sula Vinyards in Nashik, so there’s going to be a ton of wine to gulp down. Check out the teaser for the fest this year:

So, if you want to experience a true world music festival, we have it covered! Just take a glance at the special budget we have created for you and tell your gang to pack their bags and get ready:

1. Festival Tickets


The ticket price for access on all three days of the festival will be a total of INR 5,500. This is a good deal already, but if you can’t make it on all three days then the weekend tickets (Saturday and Sunday) will cost you INR 4,200 and single day tickets will cost you INR 2,500. But honestly, we hope you can make it for all three days because it’s so worth it!

2. Getting There


Nashik is a bus ride away from Mumbai for a cheap INR 450 mostly. But people from Delhi and Bengaluru will have to catch a flight to Mumbai and then catch a bus. Skyscanner has the best prices for flights to Mumbai and they’re inexpensive right now. So get booking! Check out the best option for you:



3. Accommodation

Camping will be fun and honestly, it’s the best way to spend your days at the festival. There are three options – general tents, glamping tents and deluxe tents, each of which can be rented out for three days. Prices are starting from INR 22,000 to INR 38,000 for a two-person tent, depending on which tent suits your fancy. But you can also rent out a cute Airbnb place for approx. INR 3,500 for two people per day, which isn’t too shabby.

4. Food & Beverages


Ah! Sustenance is key to surviving this weekend, especially with all that booze around. As a festival goer knows, you have to, at least, have a few thousand bucks if not more per day. But, if you’re into day drinking (like everyone will be), you should keep INR 3,000 handy to get the good stuff that will keep your insides feeling great!

5. The Grand Total


The time has come to get all that dough together and calculate the final amount including it all. So it’ll be INR 5,500 (ticket) + INR 9,600 (flight and bus fare for both ways) + INR 14,500 (tent stay) + INR 9,000 (food and wine) = INR 38,600 approx. for all three days per person! 

So go get those tickets! Coz it’s wine time!