The DJ will be making a return to music with a lot of new material.

Porter Robinson has been touring since 2016, and this year his Shelter Tour with Madeon will end at Coachella in April. The DJ took to Twitter to express about his struggle with depression in 2015 and how he’s loving the music he’s working on at the moment.

In a series of tweets, he mentions that doubt and depression destroyed him in 2015 but this tour revived his spirit with music. Read the tweets now:

The “Easy” hit maker also mentioned that in 2017 he will play only a few festivals but concentrate on completing all the material he created in 2016 and you know what that means! More music!

Make sure you follow him on all his official handles across Facebook, Twitter etc. to be updated on every move he makes. You may never know what might just pop up when you weren’t even looking for it intentionally.

We’re glad he’s going okay and we’ll patiently wait for those tracks to get done.

If you are struggling with depression and need help, consider reaching out to a licensed therapist from BetterHelp.