As promised and for it’s first edition Breezer Soundhike took travel aficionados to  Las Vegas, last weekend – the legitimate party capital of the world. The trip included a tour of the fabulous city topped off by the Electric Daisy Carnival! Here’s a first person account of the awesomeness that ensued –

“Like everything in life, EDC is what you make of it. I immersed myself into the festival and this is what I loved about it.”


1. Breezer SoundHike:  A contest worth winning

Breezer SoundHike is more like winning an ‘experience’ than just a contest. The people behind Breezer SoundHike have a single-point agenda. Allowing you to have the craziest travel experience of your life, while they manage your stay, ticket fares and everything involved to make your journey the most comfortable one! Las Vegas was delightful to say the least, and i’m glad I got to explore the city before i headed to EDC. If any of you are on the fence about entering the upcoming contests, don’t be – it really is pretty darn awesome!
eiffel tower las vegas


2. A plethora of visual delight
There is a reason Electric Daisy Carnival’s tagline is ‘Under The Electric Sky’. There never was a dull moment at EDC. Even when fatigue and exhaustion took over my body, the lights at EDC played tricks on my mind making me want to see more and do more. As you walk into Las Vegas Motor Speedway, the lights just come at you and in the best way possible. Everything I witnessed at EDC has been imprinted in my brain – the lights, fireworks, costumes, stages and vibrancy of the venue.

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(Images Courtesy: EDC Las Vegas/Facebook)


3. Guess who pushed the button?
Above & Beyond are known far and wide for their uplifting emotional music that provides people with hope and happiness. A ritual during their sets is to give one person the chance to ‘Push The Button’, a chance to be the one to provide a wave of optimism and excitement. During their EDC Las Vegas 2015 set, Bryan Cranston who played Walter White from the hit TV show Breaking Bad came on stage and yelled out ‘Say My Name’ to which everyone looked up in amazement and shock. The words ‘You’re goddamn right. Walter White, Above & Beyond’ followed by him pushing the button led to a ballistic frenzy around us.


4. Musical madness
EDC Las Vegas 2015 was a musical treat. From the biggest DJs like Calvin Harris, Disclosure, Above & Beyond, Kaskade and others to the upcoming ones such as Flosstradamus, Flume, Sigma, Mako, etc were present that EDC Las Vegas. The diverse sounds that filled the venue still make my feet tap even after getting back to Mumbai, especially Alison Wonderland’s ‘I Want U’. Surprise sets from Dillon Francis, Hot Since 82 and artists like Kaskade, Martin Garrix and Hardwell changing their sound during their additional special sets were the cherry on top of the cake.

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(Images Courtesy: EDC Las Vegas/Facebook)


5. The DJ’s dais
Everything about EDC Las Vegas is grand including their seven stages. Each stage was so very different from the other and visually synced beautifully to the music DJs played at them. The mainstage – kineticField drew its inspiration from the four elements – earth, fire, wind and water dawned an Owl right at the center, representing Insomniac Events wonderfully. Sitting at 480 feet wide and 100 feet tall, it was by far the biggest stage I had ever seen in my life. The 7-Up Stage, bassPOD, cosmicMEADOW, neonGARDEN, funkHOUSE and wasteLANDwere were unique and eleborately decorated as well.

EDCLasvegas8(Images Courtesy: EDC Las Vegas/Facebook)


6. Animation and action
Every music festival now has atleast one Ferris Wheel. But EDC did not just have Ferris Wheels, rides were in abundance making it a carnival within a carnival. The Tesla Coil man, dancers, stilters, aerialists and circus performers entertained us while we walked about from one stage to another. But what really astounded us was the Carnival Square that had everything from a video confessional booth, general store, food and beverage stalls, art installations, photo ops with performers, artist meet and greets which were scheduled in advance, free water filling stations as well as phone charging stations. The hustle and bustle at EDC went beyond the music at every stage with enough resting area for festival attendees to replenish and hydrate themselves.

EDCLasvegas11(Images Courtesy: EDC Las Vegas/Facebook)


7. Dusk to dawn
Imagine entering a festival while the sun is setting and leaving it when it rises — well it was a fantastic feeling.

EDCLasvegas12(Images Courtesy: EDC Las Vegas/Facebook)


8. The feels
The rush of emotions that went through me during EDC cannot be explained. It has made me understand why sometimes just for a bit everyone needs to go beyond the normal life they live into a world that most would call crazy. There is a fine line between sanity and insanity, thread along that line long enough and you can combine both worlds to create an experience unlike any other. That’s what happened at EDC. Happiness, amazement, joy, passion and love was all that I felt for those 72 hours. It was more than just a music festival, it was an affair with magic that took my breathe away from the moment I stepped into the venue.

EDCLasvegas6(Images Courtesy: EDC Las Vegas/Facebook)


9. Vrroom vrroom
Less than an hour away from the heart of the city is Las Vegas Motor Speedway – home of Electric Daisy Carnival. As it stands right besides Nellis Air Forse Base it takes a tad bit long to enter the area because of the beefed up security. But once in you realize how perfect the Speedway is for the festival. The layout allows stages to be surrounded by ample space around them and no sound clashes.


10. Be you!
Everything about EDC promotes people truly embracing themselves and staying true to who they are. I had the privilege of talking to strangers who told me about their lives and the music they loved. Never did they mention wanting to hear a particular artist play a particular track or why they were upset a DJ didnt play their favourite song, they spoke more about their journey as electronic music lovers, how it changed their lives and how it led them to EDC. You can truly be who you want to be at EDC, no judgements passed and no questions asked.

(Images Courtesy: EDC Las Vegas/Facebook)

(Words by Angelica Pereira)