We’re covering it all from Sound of Music to The Lion King!

Broadway has the ability to turn beloved plays and books into works of absolute magic with the theatrical venue, the loud yet strong music and of course the actors who sing their hearts out on that stage night after night. We’re taking you on this magical ride of musical tracks which will not only blow you away with the fact that most of them are recorded live but that these songs can give you goosebumps like no other!

1. I Dreamed A Dream – Les Miserables

The iconic track which was one of the most crucial factors that won Anne Hathaway an Academy Award has been on Broadway for a much longer time. The tragic tale of Fantine’s life as a prostitute is emotionally charged by actor Lea Salonga in this Broadway revival of the musical. That applause at the end is so deserved!

2. Music Of the Night – The Phantom Of The Opera

Andrew Lloyd Webber created history with the Broadway production of this classic tale but things took an even better turn in 2014 when Norm Lewis was announced as the first ever African American to play the role of the Phantom. His deep baritone elevates the track and in the best way possible.

3. Do Re Mi – The Sound Of Music

The 2016 revival of one of Dame Julie Andrews’ performance as the lovable Maria Rainer is making its rounds in Australia and its absolutely wonderful. Actor Amy Lehpamer is a delight and the child actors steal the scene every damn time.

4. Gigi – Gigi

Vanessa Hudgens led a star studded cast as her role in the production of ‘Gigi’ and was a completely different side to the singer’s usually pop-heavy vocals. Corey Cott aka Gaston (not the one from Beauty and The Beast, man!) performed the title track of the musical and we must say, if he sang for us we’ll marry him even if it’s an arranged marriage!

5. Circle Of Life – The Lion King

The best Disney movie blew all expectations with its Broadway production which has traveled worldwide and won a large number of awards for the same. Get lost in this opening number and feel goosebumps all over your body!

6. Holiday – American Idiot 

Yup that’s right! Rock group Green Day created a Broadway production of their highly acclaimed album, which was obviously out of this world. This performance of the cast on day-time TV just proves their talent as well as everyone involved in adapting the rock genre for musical audiences!

7. Defying Gravity – Wicked

This OG live performance of the Broadway hit by Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth is one that cannot be missed. Every Broadway lover living or dead has been an admirer of this track and we are too!

8. Marry Me A Little – Putting It Together

Putting It Together was a special showcase of Stephen Sondheim’s best work as lyricist and composer in Broadway productions. Marry Me A Little is one of those compositions which was performed by John Barrowman along with a cast including Carol Burnett, Ruthie Henshall and Bronson Pinchot. Dreamy AF.

9. If I Can’t Love Her – Beauty And The Beast

The Walt Disney adaption of Beauty and The Beast was recently released as a live action movie but we still remain faithful to the original soundtrack that featured on the Broadway production of the fairytale. We were almost swayed by Dan Steven’s eyes but our morals were strong(ish).

10. Maria – West Side Story

This special version of the love story by Sondheim again never fails to capture our attention. Julian Ovenden performs the song with a beautiful orchestra that’s just heartbreaking. WE WERE NOT CRYING AT ALL.