Kickstart your summer festival season with this handy checklist!

Summer kicks in and we know what time that is – it is FESTIVAL TIME! From Bonnaroo to Glastonbury to Creamfields to Download Festival, it all goes down in the summer and we know you want to load on all the musical goodness and the festival atmosphere! For those of you who have been to a festival before, you would know that attending a festival isn’t all about purchasing a ticket and getting through the festival days. It takes preparation! You don’t want to be stranded on a lonely patch in the middle of an unknown country with your phone dead and your clothes drenched in muck, do you? Here is the list that will save you from all that trouble :

Find The Right Music Festival For You


With so many festivals to choose from, finding the right festival for you, is the first step you should take. Consider your proximity to the location of the festival primarily. A good site to get you on the path to picking the right festival for you is

JamBase offers a detailed description of most festivals around the world and can greatly help in cutting your decision making process short.

Once you decide what festival you want to head to, tick these questions off your check list: 

1. How Much Do You Want To Spend? 


The average festival pass ranges from $50 to $250 or higher, depending on venue, location, and who’s headlining and promoting the festival. Festivals like Coachella, Lollapalooza, Ultra Music Festival, etc. are more expensive, with tickets priced $500 upwards. Be sure to calculate your budget accordingly.

2. What Type Of Music Is Your Type? 

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With music festivals catering to a diverse selection of music, you might want to pick a festival that suits your musical tastes. Music festivals these days are mainly focussed on EDM, Metal, Pop, Rock, Blues and Jazz. Check all event details before deciding on going.

3. How Do You Want To Stay – Camp Or Hotel?


Festivals like Coachella, Burning Man and Bonnaroo are all about the camping experience. You’ll find thousands of people pitched up on the festival grounds and attending the concert. While some festivals are exclusively a camping accommodation, you might want to consider whether this is the option you want to take. If hotel stay is what you are looking for,  you should look up ones that are close to the festival venue and that fit your budget.

4. Getting There.


Based on the location and distance, consider how you want to get to the festival venue. Car, train, bus or even flights can be an option. While most festival venues in the UK can be reached by train, you may want to check your personal preference.

Essentials To Carry To The Festival

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1. Backpack – to carry all your essentials

2. Day pack – at the festival

3. Tent – check condition

4. Sleeping Bag and roll mat.

5. ClothingComfortable, functional and nothing too expensive as they may get spoilt.


6. Sunglasses and sunscreenWeather can be topsyturvy and you best be prepared for all conditions.

7. Spare phone and batteries – in case your smartphone conks off, it’s better to have a spare phone with you.

8. CashCarry enough cash to get you through the festival, because finding ATM’s won’t be as easy.

9. Medication – Apart from any personal medication, it is a good idea to have some emergency first aid with you.

10. Pocketknife – You never know! They’re useful to open bottles or cut rope if you ever need it.

11. Toiletries – Everything you might need and a roll of toilet paper as well.

12. Extra plastic bags – to bag all your dirty gear.

Learn and Adapt To The Local Culture

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Most festivals are located in places that may be new to you. A good idea is to learn the local culture and ethics before you head out. Most importantly, give in to the experience, and adapt to the environment. You never know how being friendly to the locals might get you out of trouble when you are stuck there.

Drugs and Alcohol

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Come on guys, we’re not all superman! Most festivals have a strict no drugs policy, and will definitely frisk you before you enter the festival. Many concert-goers have seen their festivals come to a nightmarish end because of irresponsible drug use. We urge you to be smart about what you do at the festival, and stay safe at all times!

Enjoy The Experience!

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Lastly! You’ve dreamt of attending your favourite festival for years, and your favourite band is probably headlining the festival too- this is nothing short of a dream! Treat your experience at the festival like it! Make time to enjoy all that the festival has to offer and make the best of your short visit there!

We know just how memorable a festival experience can be, and it is equally important that you all stay safe while you enjoy the experience. Hope this list helps you all!