India’s highly anticipated camping festival weekend is just around the corner, and The Sherp gives you a low-down of the do’s and dont’s that should ensure you have a hassle-free outing at the spectacular Lavasa campsite this year. 

1. Leave your drugs at home

Please be aware that The Lost Party does not tolerate illegal drug use. Anyone caught using or distributing illegal drugs will be severely reprimanded. Drug detection dogs will be working on the gates in order to stop any illegal drugs entering the site. Police will also be patrolling the festival site. They’re really cute though. The dogs AND the police officers. Be nice, folks. If you get caught, picture yourself kinda like this, outside the venue:


2. Don’t venture into unknown territory

The campsite has been beautifully laid out for you to lie down/wander off as and where you like, but avoid dark areas and take advantage of the stunning lighting all across the site.


3. Scatter your belongings in the tent 

Although security has been considerably beefed up for the festival, don’t make it easy for trespassing burglars to grab your precious belongings. Mess up your tent and even better – carry a lock.


4. The lost library

Need to find a spot in the shade where you can read your favorite book resting against a tree? Share your books, magazines, publications at The Lost Library.

5. Gatecrashers, this is not your scene

Buy the ticket, take the ride. Gatecrashers will be immediately escorted out of the premises. No kind of JUGAAD will work here. And nor will this:

6. Lose everything!

Forgot something in your tent? Lost and Found items will be kept safely for 3 months after the festival, after which, they will donate the left overs to charity.


7. Indulge in activities at your own risk

The festival grounds are stacked with activities that should keep you busy throughout the weekend. Make sure you try your hand at each one of them, but at your own risk.


8. Maintain the communal spirit 

– Be polite, appreciate each other and respect NO’s.

– Hopeless realists or nuclear warheads will be sent back to their imperfect world. Those that need to be repeatedly sent back, will be barred for life from their citizenship at the Settlement.

– Kindly avoid offensive language throughout the campsite. The official language of The Lost Party is considered any language with the help of which, two or more citizens can understand each other perfectly.


9. Freedom To Film

All attendees give permission for themselves to appear on both audio and visual recording. Why miss out on a chance to appear on the after-movie of one of the best camping festivals in India? Might help your modelling CV, just saying.


10. Keep it neat and clean, yo

At the end of the festival, leave no trace of your presence. Don’t make the settlement look like a post-apocalyptic war zone. Please take your stuff home and keep the grounds as green as you can. Here’s how Glastonbury is setting an example:

Follow these 10 commandments at the festival, and you will surely amplify your experience ten-fold. To make sure that missing out on the Lost Party doesn’t become your single most regrettable decision of 2015, buy your passes HERE.

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