A Tunisian music festival decided to push the envelope by hosting their event on the set of Star Wars.

When you think the world can’t get crazier, the internet throws this at you. Les Dunes Electroniques Festival is a music festival that’s out to connect EDM junkies and Sci-Fi enthusiasts with their off the wall concept.


(Image courtesy: huffingpostmaghreb.com)

The second edition of this festival was held in February 2015 at the fictional town of Mos Espa from the first episode of the original Star Wars, The Phantom Menace’. The set was inhabited by folks cosplaying as Star Wars characters while electronic beats drummed through the arena.


(Image courtesy: parisbouge.com)

Even after having been subject to controversy and borderline hostility by some, the festival lives on and thrives. Let’s hope there will be a third edition that’s just as fascinating and off the hook as this second one. May the Force be with you!

(Cover image courtesy: stuff.co.nz)