At the world’s biggest Punjabi music festival, The Sherp got chatty with the Nooran Sisters.

Trained for 13 years by their father, Ustad Gulshan Mir, music has always been an integral part of Jyoti and Sultana’s lives. Their grandmother, Bibi Nooran, was a renowned Sufi singer in the 70s. Today, the talented ladies, with their unique and powerful voices, have been taking Bollywood, Tollywood, and many more industries by storm! The Sherp got the chance to meet the sisters at Hungama Crossblade Festival, and here is what they had to say:


The Sherp: First of all, Sat Sri Akal!(Greetings in Punjabi). It’s so wonderful to see you. How does it feel to be performing at the world’s biggest Punjabi music festival – The Hungama Crossblade Festival, this year ?

Nooran Sisters: We feel great. We are immensely happy when we get invited to perform for festivals like this. We hope to continue to do so.

The Sherp: How does it feel to share the stage with other renowned Punjabi singers?

Nooran Sisters: We are really so happy.

The Sherp: Are you proud to be representing Punjabi Sufi music at the national level?

Nooran Sisters: Firstly, we thank Allah, who has been so merciful to us and has given us this gift of singing. We feel very lucky and as we’ve always mentioned, as long as we live, we will continue to sing and give back to Sufi music.


The Sherp: Both of you were trained by your father for many years. How do you manage to create magical Sufi music with such ease?

Nooran Sisters: It has been around 13 years now that our father started training us. Sufi music is in our blood; we have been doing this since childhood. Everything we have learnt is because of our father. He is an incredible singer and music composer.

The Sherp: This festival showcases a huge array of genres in Punjabi music, from DJs to classical singers. How do you connect with the public?

Nooran Sisters: The thing with today’s music scene is that every musician out there is making their own music and they are doing it well. Their success depends on their music and ours depends on the quality of our music. So, we focus on making music.


The Sherp: What has inspired you to make the music that you make?

Nooran Sisters: Music has always been in our family. So, we think, somehow, that has inspired us and we just had to make music.

The Sherp: Both of you started your career in Bollywood with Highway, and have been actively providing music since then. Do you prefer playback singing than live performances?

Nooran Sisters: We give priority to both these activities. They are equally important for us. Before singing for films, we were asked the same question and we have discovered that we loved playback singing too.

The Sherp: How does it feel to be a part of Tollywood, now that you are working for the upcoming Tamil movie “Bogan”?

Nooran Sisters (Jyoti): Personally, it was very difficult for me. It seemed impossible at first. This is my second song in Tamil, but when the movie’s director got in touch with me and said that I have to sing the song in Tamil, I was very shocked. Fortunately, it was not as difficult as I thought and everything went smoothly.