In the wake of the Florida attacks, the LGBT Pride is more relevant than ever in spreading a message of love and equality instead of hatred and intolerance.

The LGBT Pride Month has just about ended and 2016 has seen a lot of people coming out in support of the community. All through the month activities and parades to increase awareness of this marginalized group took place around the world. While some were outright fabulous, some others faced governmental oppression and censorship. Either way, this has been an important month for the LGBT community as several members lost their lives in the recent Florida nightclub massacre. In light of these events, the community has showed great bravery in adversity and come together as a whole to express their love and condolences to the Orlando victims and their families.

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Take a look at how LGBT Pride was celebrated around the world :

Dublin, Ireland

The Dublin Pride was a beautiful sight with a giant LGBT rainbow flag being unfurled at the parade. Flamboyant costumes were a common sight in the crowd of hundreds. The Irish definitely know how to celebrate!

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Istanbul, Turkey

On the other hand, in Istanbul, the LGBT Pride parade was banned and still attracted a crowd, many of who were promptly arrested. Things escalated when authorities used riot control measures like tear gas and rubber bullets on innocent civilians just for supporting the LGBT movement.

St. Petersburg, USA

The St. Pete Pride was probably the most important as the tragedy struck closest to the local community here. Huge crowds came out into the streets of Florida to mourn the loss of the 49 victims.

This still did not stop some people from hate mongering but they were of course drowned out by sheer positivity.

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Pride is also about celebration and as you can see, everyone is having a great time!


San Francisco, USA

The San Francisco Pride Parade drew a festive crowd waving homemade signs, flags and rainbow umbrellas.

New York City, USA

The NYC Parade drew thousands of supporters. While some walked in the parade, or came on giant floats others came in bike rally.

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Even Hillary Clinton was present to participate in the festivities.

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Chennai, India

India has a sizeable LGBT population who’ve been oppressed for too long. Locals took the streets to express their protest against unfair laws and to show that they’re not afraid of being who they are.

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